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Sport packages in Italy

We create customized sports packages for Universities, Colleges and Sports Clubs throughout Italy. Our goal is to give you the most meaningful and rewarding educational experience..

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Pianeta Sport  is a tour operator specialised in sports and is part of  3D Group,  a  tourist company dedicated to the incoming to Italy since 1984.

With so many years of experience in sport tourism and organization of sport events, Pianeta Sport is considered one of the most established European company in this field, a reputation mainly conquered through soccer and team sports.

Over 1,300 clubs and teams of colleges and universities have relied on us to organize their holidays and sports tournaments or theirs tours in Italy and Europe: traveling with us means having a highly professional partner.

For this high specialization, continuously updated by frequent visits to the above locations to discover new elements to present our future clients, we can be your perfect local partner. 

We can assist you in all the different individual needs, working closely with you. Another strong point is we insist on the attention we pay to all the details.

As we love the places we include in our programs because of the high knowledge we have of them, we feel ourselves proud to be able to deliver a memorable event. 

We are not only a passive handling agent but an active consultant who will collaborate with you in building up a successful programme.